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Well-known personal shopper & fashion consultant, Julie Atenda'success belongs to possessing a transcultural mind focus on the refinement of the clients' style and elegance.

Investing in your style is the best investment that you can do for your image

Well-known personal shopper & fashion consultant, her knowledge of society’s upper echelons’ stylistic needs and desires was developed through several years’ experience in diplomatic circles with more than a decade working in the fashion & luxury industry.

Since 2006, experienced personal & fashion consultant, poviding personal styling, image consulting services, wardrobe analysis (audit), color analysis, corporate dress code & corporate image consulting, personal shopping and fashion consulting services to individuals and companies. Julie Atenda is specialized in the luxury market.

It is important for each one of you, that we identify the style that fit the best with your personality and in consequence, select the clothes according to that. Knowing your personality style, is the first step for feeling comfortable and secure wearing the clothes!

Basically, Julie provides her services in Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), Dubai (UAE), Paris (France) and Geneva / Zurich (Switzerland). And at the disposal of the others international clients, an Overboard Personal Shopper (O.P.S) service.


Anyone from major celebrities, sport stars, politicians, and everyday people enlist the help of a personalshopper & image consultant to re-vamp their wardrobe.

The portfolio of Julie Atenda is very diverdified. From a housewife with a intense social lifestyle to a woman lawyer with the necessity of having business outfit that fit with her personality but according but her statute and position. From a politician to an executive manager with a lot of business & social activities.
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  • Official Personal Shopper & Stylist of the First Lady

    Nominee in 2008

  • Fashion Consultant Nominee

    awards 2010

  • Official Fashion Consultant & Stylist of some celebrities

    ExpertiseSince 2011