JULIE ATENDA - The art of styling your appearance and enhancing your image according to your personality

Need to really project your personality through your appearance? Want to be update about the latest trends or have the necesity of a stylish business look or simply, you have no time, no motivation and/or you are simply not a fashionista? Don't worry, you can put rely on Julie and put yourself in the safe and experienced hands of Julie Atenda and her team.


Whether you are looking for some new pieces to update to your wardrobe or you would like a completely reinvent your style, Julie Atenda's personal styling services are designed to help simplify the process for you.

With our professional help and support, you can discover the art of enhancing your style according to your personality.

Julie Atenda wants to help, update, upgrade your style and put together a wardrobe that reflects your tastes & personality honoring your unique beauty.

> Body type analysis.

> Wardrobe analysis.

> Personal shopper.

> Image consulting.

> Fashion consulting.

> Luxury shopping experience.

As fashion & image consultant, Julie main goal is to help you revive your wardrobe and define your style, making it possible for you to be the best version of you!

Dressing is a form of expression and the way you put yourself together can affect your attitude and self-esteem.
01• IDEA
02•Style CONCEPT
  • My "Collection Wardrobe"

    You get twice a complete wardrobes collection of 20 pieces completly interchangeable and chosen specifically for you: S/S Collection (Spring & Summer) and the other for F/W collection (Fall & Winter).

    The sets of style of the wardrobe collection are selected based on your personality, style type, body type, coloring, lifestyle and budget.

    With your Collection Wardrobe, you will also receive a Lookbook (sets of style) showing you how to combine the pieces and create super stylish outfits for nearly every occasion.

    Are you ready for a whole new beautiful you?
    How it Works? Click on the “Sign Me” button below, fill in ≈ submit your "My Collection Wardrobe" Questionnaire and complete your payment.
    Once your payment is complete, I will start preparing your "Collection Wardrobe" for you. Within one week, you will receive your first wardrobe, your lookbook and your password to access and view Curated Collections. Your second wardrobe and lookbook will be sent to you within 3 months of the first.
  • Men Style Consulting

    “"You are a successful professional who wish to distinguish from the rest… You are a person with a huge number of social activities… It is time for you to dress according to your body line, lifestyle, personality, job position and statute.”

    It is important for each one of you, to identify the style that fit the best with your personality and in consequence, select the clothes according to that. Knowing your personality style, is the first step for feeling comfortable and secure wearing the clothes! And that will make it easier when shopping.

    In general most of the men are in those of the 3 style personalities: casual, classical or contemporary. And some who are dramatic will add to their look, their personality by being more creative.

    > 1.1. Classic style. Classic men seem always smartly dressed. You have a tailored appearance and enjoy wearing a suit, shirt and tie. Your usually wear formal clothes for work and appear neat and tidy at leisure, often in a sports jackets, polo, and a smart trousers. During wet and cold weather you usually a long woollen coat or nice parka and your accessories such your watch and briefcase are smart with a clean appearance. You look for good quality items that give years of service.

    > 1.2. Contemporary style. The contemporary man is usually fashionable and likes to be update about the last trends and fashion brands. He loves shopping and frequently purchases clothes and complements to update his wardrobe in order to remain modern and stylish. Usually, he purchases high quality accessories to designer brands. Aware of fashion trends and he knows which personalities are fashionably dressed. Price is not an issue for him.

    > 1.3. Casual style. With the casual style, the man who have it seems very relax and 4×4. A casual man requires easy wearing clothes with little maintenance. Mostly, he does not have time for shopping and lives in sporty/casual clothes.


CHF 850.-
Collection- A/W or S/S
Duration Personalized
CHF 1,200
Wardrobe Collection
20 Selection and combination of looks that fit with your personality & budget
1 Style analysis
Collection- A/W or S/S
Duration Season
CHF 450
1 Quick Style analysis
1 Personal Shopper
Collection- A/W or S/S
Duration 3H
CHF 400 (from)
1 Luxurious Meal (Tea/Coffee Break)
1 Fashion Shopping Tour / City Shopping Guide
Collection- A/W or S/S
Duration for 1 pers -3H or 4H (CHF 100/H)
Duration for 3 pers -4H (CHF 240/H)
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